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Resurrection Medical Center ratings


Resurrection Medical Center

7435 W TALCOTT AVENUE, CHICAGO, Illinois 60631 | (773) 774-8000

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trustedhealthstats Report

Hospital's Skills Factor

condition / procedure THS Experience Factor ¹
Heart failure and shock 762
Acute myocardial infarction 360
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 264
Major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity 240
Perc cardiovasc proc w drug-eluting stent 231
Major small and large bowel procedures 194
Chest Pain 185
Simple pneumonia and pleurisy 176
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 147
Permanent cardiac pacemaker implant 137
Cardiac defibrillator implant 66
Major cardiovasc procedures 54
Back and neck proc exc spinal fusion 49
Hernia procedures except inguinal and femoral 33
Coronary bypass 28
Extracranial procedures 28
Transurethral prostatectomy 27
Diabetes 24
Cardiac valve and oth maj cardiothoracic proc 19
Uterine and adnexa proc for non-malignancy 16
Cervical spinal fusion 12
Spinal fusion except cervical 11

Patient's Satisfaction avg: 56.0%

area surveyed Percent Satisfied
nurses' communication 67%
doctors' communication 74%
general assistance 52%
pain control 64%
medicine guidance 53%
sanitary conditions 55%
quiet at night 41%
recovery at home guidance 79%

Heart Attack

30-Day Mortality Rates 14.9
No Different than U.S. National Rate
30-Day Readmission Rates 22.2
No Different than U.S. National Rate

Heart Failure

30-Day Mortality Rates 10.2
No Different than U.S. National Rate
30-Day Readmission Rates 25.9
No Different than U.S. National Rate


30-Day Mortality Rates 11.7
No Different than U.S. National Rate
30-Day Readmission Rates 19.6
No Different than U.S. National Rate
¹ THS Experience Factor is calculated using THS "experience formulas" that factor in the grade of severity and complications associated with the reported procedure and diagnosis.
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I was recently trying to find info on hospitals providing treatment for Heart conditions in my area and I didn't know where to go. Thanks to Trusted Health Stats, I was able to review and compare all the care providers closest to me!

Rami R.
Palo Alto, CA